Casablanca – Sylvia Park

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This is a mixed one – took my dear mum and her sister next down on the list.  There was the third too, but that one declined last minute as she was under the impression we were heading to a food type not her preference 🙁

Anyway, took these two older girls off to Sylvia park as my auntie had found Casablanca in the Entertainment Book that I acquired the other day.  She had been there before on numerous occasions enjoying it, whilst I had been there about three years ago for breakfast which I have to say was disgusting.

A bit concerned I had to go, the girls were excited that son/nephew was taking them out for an outing and I thought the b/fast experience had to be a once off.

We go inside and immediately it’s a bit different from memory – it may have new ownership as it was much ‘cleaner’ and the first impressions were a lot better.

First class orange juice for Moti and I with a hot chocolate for the auntie.

Out came the mains and to my surprise they were very good, not right up there, but great all the same.  Three happy people who enjoyed the further hour of laughs and sad tales too.

Casablanca Sylvia Park

The lamb shank for me with couscous $26 – smallish shank on the meat front but very filling.

Casablanca Sylvia Park

Scotch fillet for Moti $29.50 – skewers, yes, but cooked perfectly and because dear old mum couldn’t eat all that meat, son had two chunks of it and enjoyed same.Casablanca Sylvia Park

Fish (tarakihi) and chips ($24.50) for Auntie, two decent fillets which she wasn’t going to share 🙁

All up not too bad and well, probably worth the spend.  Although a little bit disappointing when paying the bill.  The voucher was for another restaurant in the city of the same name, and well, we all agreed and thought it would have been the right move just to honour it anyway, i.e. a good-will gesture.  It certainly took the shine of the experience.

Yeah, I think I’ll give Casablanca in Sylvia Park a miss next time round.

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