Jolt Cafe @ Sciadopitys

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One of my dear clients took me to brunch on a recent trip North.  A place called Jolt in a garden centre called Sciadopitys up in Whangarei.

Jolt Cafe @ Sciadopitys‘Sciadopitys’ – the Japanese Umbrella-pine, is a unique conifer. It is endemic to Japan, and the sole surviving member of the family Sciadopityaceae. It is a living fossil with no close relatives: its fossils date from 230 million years ago.

Now I met a Japanese lady in Whangarei about six weeks ago to discuss trauma insurance.  A delightful conversation resulted and apparently there are about 20 Japanese people up there.  Although if you’re in the centre of town you’d think there are many more based on the number of sushi outlets.  I counted six of them after a brief walk around the city centre.

Jolt @ Sciadopitys is about 2.5k’s past the hospital heading outwards from town.

Plenty of parking and some outdoor seating with quite a lot indoors.  Friendly staff and an interesting menu where if you’re not fussed you can make a decent meal just out of the sides and you won’t get tucked.

Jolt Cafe - Scrambled Eggs

I wasn’t overly hungry so I went for the scrambled eggs and spinach with hash browns – yes ok, I said wasn’t hungry but given the fact I live in the sticks when I head north I need to ensure I have a full belly in case the car won’t start or something like that – it can be days on end before another living sole ventures down the long drive way.

Jolt Cafe @ Sciadopitys in Whangarei

8/10 Food
7/10 Coffee
8/10 Atmosphere
8/10 Service

All up a good experience and some decent food at a great price. The cabinet food is yummy too and you can always find something tasty to take home.

460 Maunu Road, Whangarei

0508 873348